The prices are indicated in EUR. Payments for the services can be made in cash, by card or bank transfer. The price includes premedication, sedation, anaesthesia, single-use sterile materials, implant, physician’s and personnel’s work, suture application and removal


Consultation 45.00
Dental X-rays 5.00
Orthopantomography (OPG) 35.00

3D computed tomography

  • One jaw
  • Both jaws



Dental implantation (the implant is included in the price)

Dental implant uncovering during a separate appointment

from 670.00 (*)


Contour correction of the bone – modelling of the bone tissue around the implant (1)
(The cost of biomaterials is not included in the price)
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation, closed technique (2)
(closed sinus lift)
(the cost of biomaterials is not included in the price)
Maxillary sinus floor augmentation, open technique (2)
(open sinus lift)
(the cost of biomaterials is not included in the price)
from 640.00 (**)
Extensive reconstruction of the maxillary sinus floor with biomaterials (2)
(the cost of biomaterials is not included in the price)
from 950.00 (**)
Gum transplantation from the retromolar area (3) 100.00 -150.00
Gum transplantation from the palate area (3) 200.00–250.00
Formation of a thickened gum (3)
(the cost of biomaterials is not included in the price)
Dental crown on implant from 730.00 (***)
Application of platelet-rich fibrin for bone tissue regeneration and wound healing after extraction (PRF) 60.00
Test for checking the degree of implant integration into the jawbone using an electromagnetic device (ISQ – implant stability quote) 35.00


(*) Implants of various types and from various manufacturers.
(**) The price depends on the amount of the required biomaterial.
(***) The price depends on the material of the crown. The price includes an analogue, transfer, abutment, anaesthesia, composite material, laboratory costs, physician’s work.

(1) Additional manipulation in case of insufficient bone volume on the lateral surface(s) of the implant.
(2) Additional manipulation in case of insufficient bone height in the upper jaw for the lateral teeth.
(3) Additional manipulation for thickening of thin, movable gum and fixation in the planned implant site.


The crown is made of a thin metal frame covered with ceramics.

+ restoration for life
– it gets darker over time.


The most aesthetic and natural material. Teeth look like natural teeth.

+ it does not get darker over time
more fragile than other materials.


Very durable (equal to metal).

 Very white, therefore looks good, covered with ceramics – it gives an effect of natural teeth.

Straumann Roxolid SLA implant

There are more than 1,800 manufacturers of dental implants in the world. Implants are made from various types of titanium, which is weaker than Straumann Roxolid alloy. The surface and quality of implant design, and accuracy at the connection site with the prosthetic part differ. It affects the success and durability of the treatment. One manufacturer has great experience and very good results, the other’s results are much more modest. It influences the price of the implant.

Straumann Roxolid SLActive implant

This unique implant excels due to its surface. As it is produced in vacuum and stored in a sealed package, the surface of the implant is completely clean, the implant has not been in contact with air and airborne contaminants. Moreover, the implants have a special coating that attracts blood and stimulates bone formation. When this implant is installed, the bone heals twice as fast, therefore the risk of losing the implant is reduced by half. This implant is especially recommended for smokers, patients with systemic diseases (e.g., diabetes, osteoporosis) or for those who simply want the best in the world.


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